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[ENT] Biography & All You Need To Know About Actress Chioma A. Nwagwu




Chioma. A. Nwangwu is a Nollywood actress and a star continuity. She was born on the 12th of August 1995 in Zamfara state, she hails from Awkuzu in oyi LGA Anambra state both in Nigeria.She is the third from the family of six,apparently the Second daughter of the family.Both parents are into business.


Chioma Nwangwu started her journey in Nollywood in 2015 but stopped same year and then in 2017 she wrote a script script titled “Street war lord” which was produced by Majid Adejo and Akalakini peters… Then officially she came into films 2018 which in march 2018 she wrote a movie “Nwa bu nwa” produced by jennydion Nwadigbo and directed by Odowa coins , Still in 2018 june she did a continuity of a job of a movie called “Anger of Immortal” produced by joy nweke and directed by Odowa coins.. which is on Youtube Market.. Recorded some other jobs too and in October did a Cinema job as continuity for QUEEN OF NOLLYWOOD PRODUCTION called “My Queen” directed by De senator DGN… In month of December 2018 Was contacted her recent big company… Inside Nollywood production as a continuity and so far ,she’ve recorded over 25 movies directed by Muoma Obinna .O of inside Nollywood.
She have worked with the likes of Obago films, Don single Ndubuisi, Picolo , Dino and still counting.


Chioma Nwangwu stated: that when she came into acting that it wasn’t easy so she decided to switch to crew work. Missing lectures and Quiz was included to the challenges but she made sure she don’t miss her exams for any reason…
She also said that she will be in school and calls will be coming for works but most times she reject it just to focus on her education… At first her parents never supported her because of the rumors of actors living rascal lives and all that… It took her long to be able to convince her parents… But she later did that with the help of her Dad…


Chioma Nwangwu has also stated that why she joined the movie was cus of her Passion…she also said that writing was one of her hobby, she’ve been writing since class four… She’ve passion for acting but more especially writing and each time she keep telling her parents they say she’s too young…and that’s why she decided to be a scriptwriter since acting didn’t favour her.


When she wrote”Street war lord” she was tagged to the post, some friends reposted and it get to the knowledge of her siblings including her cousin… Then her dad was alerted.. it was a congratulatory act then he asked her and she told him it was just writing… When they saw “nwa bu nwa” which has the likes of merith okonta, egbe igwe, gozie igbo and others he started calling to congratulate her.. No one shout on her again…During her IT in ABS 2018 they gave her all the support and care she needed. And that was how she flowed in the world of movie with no problem from family or friends.



Mercy johnson, Genevieve Nnaji, Ini edo, chika ike.


She is encouraging them to keep pushing no matter how hard it looks, no matter the obstacles and distractions… Persistence, passion and focus can only take you far… Lastly believe in yourself.