1.These challenges vary and could range from :

Having a trail of unfortunately life events such as failing at school, getting mugged, have a lot of health issues, financial struggles and having difficulty to find is job or to hold on to one.

2. Enjoying being alone.

Not that you are arrogant or feel you are more important than others but you like your space and to be at calm. Sometimes you may find yourself overwhelmed being in crowded places and voices of other people can annoy you at times.

3. Having dreams and visions.


These dreams are very vivid and can range from being in school to dreaming about animals like snakes, lions, and receiving gifts. They may sometimes dream of rivers and mountains.

4. Sickness.

One who has a calling are usually such with these ailments, fatigue,head aches and a general feeling of malaise. Most have fertility issues and skin problems.

Truth be told when one has a calling they have it tough in life. Most people do not like them and some of them they can see right through you.


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